At present, I am a BACP registered counsellor and doctoral trainee Counselling Psychologist. Whilst completing my BSc (Hons) Clinical and Community Psychology degree in London, I undertook roles both in clinical practice and research. Most notably, this involved me working as an Honorary Assistant Psychologist and Research Assistant on a number of projects that assessed the views, beliefs and experiences of individuals, and their larger family units. I hold Graduate Membership of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and within that, divisional membership of the Counselling Psychology section, whilst I work towards full chartership with the BPS.

I consider it a privilege to be able to support others who are experiencing mental distress, through therapy or even wider and less regulated forms of relational dialogue. I have always had a natural inclination towards helping others, and often the simple act of lending a listening ear has had a positive impact and fostered an atmosphere of understanding and compassion. The experience of volunteering at a local dementia nursing home engendered in me a deep understanding of the power of genuine human contact to alleviate distress and suffering. This theme continues as my core philosophy to this day.


I have a particular interest in issues of identity, family relationships, gender development, attachment and mental health outcomes and how certain factors might predict or mediate these and/or act as protective agents. My work is primarily mixed-methods. I also have a strong interest in critical approaches to psychology, such as discourse, language and power and how social constructions serve to restrict, contain or open up different ways of living or understanding phenomena.


I am an active researcher, having held previous research appointments with the University of East London, University of Cambridge and currently, the Centre for Social and Psychological Transformation (CREST) at the University of Roehampton. I have also undertaken brief training with the New School for Social Resarch, in the narrative assessment of adolescent attachment state (Friends and Family Interview).


 Please consult my publications list if you think you might be interested in an academic collaboration.  


My style is considered and compassionate yet challenging, in order to make a difference.


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