I firmly believe that everyone can go through periods where things or situations seem insurmountable. It may be that things have become difficult only very recently or that you've realised you have been struggling to cope over the longer term.

Nevertheless, it is often the very meanings we give to these situations that has caused us problems or feelings of distress. We may have learnt unhelpful ways of coping with distressing feelings, which in the longer term seem to maintain our levels of distress. 

I aim to offer a safe and affirming space where you can make sense of your difficulties, so as to help you get unstuck and importantly, to move forward towards positive change. Our work together is, therefore, orientated to generating greater understanding of your difficulties and hence to increase compassion for yourself.

I have a background in both academic psychology and counselling and am trained to draw upon evidence based interventions to guide my practice. In addition to my counselling qualification, I am currently completing a doctoral qualification in psychology. 

I am a BACP registered counsellor and offer 1-1 counselling support for young people and adults.

To discuss your needs or to arrange an initial consultation, please visit my "contact me" page on this webpage. Alternatively, please call or message on my confidential clinic phone: (+44) 07395 520075. If I am unable to take your call at the time, please leave your name and contact number and I will return your call. 

Counselling sessions are held in a confidential Central London location, which will be discussed during our phone call. Session fees are £75 for initial psychological assessment and £65 for on-going therapy. 

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